RUI SOUSA Muxima Outubro 3, 2023



Rui is Veterinary doctor at S2AQUAcoLAB and expert in fish pathology.

Rui worked since 2013 with several animal production companies, focusing on prevention and minimizing the application of antimicrobials. Conducted a Master on Aquaculture at University of Algarve, focusing on in vitro inactivation of the parasite Amyloodinium ocellatum. Currently doing a PhD in Aquaculture with special interest in developing of early diagnostics methodologies, developing new treatments and vaccines for fish parasites.  Has been working since 2021 in collaboration with EPPO-IPMA and S2AQUAcoLAB in providing fish pathology services for marine aquaculture.

ORCID: 0000-0002-7683-3821
Ciência Vitae: 9918-1D9F-B42F