MANUEL CÉLIO CONCEIÇÃO Muxima Outubro 3, 2023



Dr.  Manuel Célio Conceição is a professor at   University of Algarve since 1992.

He has been teaching multiple courses focused on language sciences , terminology and language policies, and multilingualism and science communication and leads the Research Group Science Communication and Cultures: multilingualism and mediation  at CIAC  – Research Centre in Arts and Communication – University of Algarve.

His research interests focus on language, knowledge and science communication, and terminology and languages policies. Some of his most important contributions include Higher Education language policies for mobility and inclusion and Language policies and internationalisation of Higher Education. Currently, he leads and /or participates in a series of projects including APATCHE and SEA EU aiming at enhancing the plurilingual approach in higher education  and creating science communication guidelines  for the European University of the Seas respectively.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8179-5025